Expected objectives of the project:

  • To develop their communicative skills in Romanian and Italian (languages which are less spoken and studied in Europe) in order to make the students aware of the importance of native languages in the EU and to support the link between formal school education and non-formal learning outside the school building – the County Library.
  • To adapt, to develop, to test, to implement and to disseminate the new teaching methodologies of Romanian and Italian used in the classroom, including ITC.
  • To enhance student and teacher understanding of the diversity of cultural and linguistic values in the partner regions and countries.






A doua reuniune de proiect Comenius Regio

A doua reuniune de proiect  Comenius Regio

The second Comenius Regio Project Meeting “ENRICHMENT OF TEACHING METHODS OF ROMANIC LANGUAGES AS THE MOTHER TONGUE LANGUAGE”,  Castel Baronia (AV), Italia, 14-21 mai 2011

Receiving organisations:

-Giunta Regionale della Campania, Italia

- Mayor Hall Castel Baronia Istituto Comprensivo “Castel Baronia”, Italia

-Biblioteca “P. S. Mancini” Castel Baronia, Italia

Participant organizations:

Inspectoratul Şcolar Judeţean Botoşani, Romania

Şcoala cu clasele I-VIII Nr. 11 Botoşani, Romania

Biblioteca Judeţeană “Mihai Eminescu” Botoşani, Romania


-         So far there has been respected the period estimated and the number of the mobilities;
-         The quality of the organisation of the meetings was of high level and we appreciated the warm welcome and the balanced schedule of activities, a good involvement of both students and teachers, community and authorities as well;
-         The logistics assured by the hosts were proper and of high technological level, in order to develop all the scheduled activities;
-         There have been used modern teaching methods within the workshops and classes, focussing on interdisciplinarity, multicultural and inclusive education, European citizenship, TIC and languages competences, unity in diversity;
-         It is important to mention the quantity and quality of all the materials created for the project by the children, characterized by creativity and open – mindedness;
-         The activities were adapted according to the age, the space, the resources and the neccesities of the students – kindergarden, primary and secondary school;
-         We noticed the great relationship between the students and the teachers: mutual respect, trust, confidence;
-         The library becomes a real partner of all the public institutions, offering the readers not only printed resources but also multimedia ones;
-         The local press published a positive article about our meeting, in a generous space underlining the importance of the Romanian and Italian partnership.